Thursday, December 19, 2013

Joo Chiat Neighborhood Walk

This week some of the members of the Singapore International Ladies Group went for a walk through the Joo Chiat neighborhood. I signed up to go along and brought my camera with me, just in case. This is a residential conservation area and some of the buildings are just beautiful. We met at the Paya Lebar MRT station and walked for a bit then stopped for lunch. There were 14 of us walking that day, we must have been a sight to see ourselves. 14 super sweaty expat ladies walking through a local neighborhood taking photos of just about everything, lol! We had a good time and after the holidays we will be going to another neighborhood for another walk around. Here are my photos from Joo Chiat, enjoy!

This building is from 1928, beautifully restored.

These are homes that are in the process of being restored. They are even more beautiful in person.

So colorful and cheerful.

An up close shot of the detail around the window. 

Another window, just beautiful. Makes me want to put on a flowery dress and sip iced tea and eat tiny cakes while fanning myself.

Detail of one of the tiles.


Off street parking is nice, however, I have heard from other ladies that many of these homes do not have air con. Some have open air kitchens. Beautiful to look at but I will stay in my condo for now.

Neighborhood junk shop.

I like to think the Loving Hut is the name of a restaurant or coffee shop or pet adoption center...sure looks like a bunch of tiny rooms.

Hardware store. I love these little local shops. They are crammed full of stuff and when I go I always ask the person for whatever it is I need and they always know exactly where to find it. 

Looks like a nice restaurant. Pretty red building.

This building was so bright and good looking. Next door to a temple, not sure if it is a private residence or part of the temple.

Reflection of the temple across the street in the hood of a car.

Kuain Im Tng Temple
From the web:
The first thing that strikes you upon entering the temple is the statue of the Goddess of Mercy, the statue provides the main centre of “attraction”, drawing masses of worshippers to the temple.

Although Goddess of Mercy is generally associated with Buddhism, it doesn’t mean that Kuan Im Tng Temple (Joo Chiat) is a place of traditional Buddhist worship.

Instead, it upholds a unique three in one combination consisting of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, capturing and consolidating the essence of these three religions into “Xian Tian Sect.”

What then are the exact elements preached in this fusion of religious beliefs?
They are: -
• To cultivate the mind and body through Taoist philosophies;
• To accumulate merits and good karma through recitations of Buddhist mantras; and
• To apply Confucian etiquette in everyday lives.
Super cool!

This is the lion that is in front of the temple. I loved his eyes

Restaurant to hang out at all day with your neighbors. Overall a very nice area of Singapore. I loved our walk. 

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